Mission One: Revenue 2019 coming this summer


Inland is bringing Mission One: Revenue 2019 to Richmond, Virginia, June 11 through 13 with a program that takes a comprehensive look at all the revenue opportunities available to newspapers.

Mission One: Revenue 2019 will be facilitated by sales guru Mike Blinder, president of The Blinder Group, with several sessions led by Ryan Dohrn, the veteran newspaper and broadcast management executive noted for his rapid-fire presentations of revenue-generating tips and strategies.

The conference, at the offices of the Richmond-Times Dispatch, focuses on revenue generation exclusively.

Watch this space for more detailed programming information, and for registration.
What follows are just some of the sessions scheduled for Mission One: Revenue 2019.

Motivating Your Sales Team to Peak Performance
Money is not the only motivating factor for sales professionals in today’s media sales environment. Ryan Dohrn will explore what truly motivates your sales team. From identifying motivators, to compensation, to coaching, to company culture, to understanding your true impact, this session will dig deep and share six critical management factors designed to take motivation to a new level. 

Closing Ad Buys On the First Sales Call: The Secrets to Success 
More than 75 newspapers across the nation right now are using the Present, Competitive and Dominant (PCD) proposal template to present ideas to advertisers on the spot—no follow-up, no gimmicks. Learn this simple yet effective way to present a multi-media solution to advertisers on the very first call.  This tool has proven to increase revenues by 35% and close rates by 40% in many markets. This panel discussion will be moderated by Ryan Dohrn who launched the PCD formula seven years ago and has seen its impact first hand.   

The Great Compensation Debate
Comp plans come in all shapes and sizes.  What works?  What doesn't?  What about younger salespeople?  What about our veterans that want to scale back?  In this session, each panelist will share the good and the bad of the comp plans they have in place.  

Case Study: Coupon Marketing on Steroids
Your readers want deals. But what is the best method of connecting your advertisers offers to the people who crave them? This case study will show how combining print TMC with your local site and direct email marketing can result in significant new business from brand-new categories.

Making Money from Email Marketing
More and more local businesses have embraced using email as one of their major means to market to current and new customers. What are the best methods to deploy in order to provide them with the most effective solutions? And, how can this form of marketing help us build audience and new advertisers? Top experts at target marketing break down what’s working and who’s making money with it.

View from Local Legacy Competition
The lion’s share of local ad dollars, both legacy and digital, are still in the hands of local media—for now. Learn from our biggest local competitors what local radio, television and Yellow Pages are up to in their efforts to gain market share.

Finding Sales Talent—and Keeping Them 
It still takes feet on the street—and the phone—to make sales. But who are the best to hire? Where do we find them? And, more important, what are the best models to train our teams so they maximize their performance? Industry experts will reveal what it takes to build and keep the best media sales force in your market.

Big Data—Huge Deal!
Does investing in research equal top line revenue? These top industry research gurus say: “Yes." Hear from the folks at Borrell Associates, Media Audit, Scarborough, Pulse and Kelsey how newspapers are making money from the dollars they set aside for the data they use.

Case Study: Success With Small Market Weeklies
They not only publish four separate weeklies in these small Michigan markets. But, they actually had a local chamber ask them to start a fifth that debuted on day one as a profitable local weekly newspaper. Learn the success of this small company that knows how to super serve the markets their readers and advertises. 

You Made How Much Doing What?
One of our most popular session from the first Mission One: Revenue returns , as all attendees in a round-robin exchange revenue ideas and successes. Everyone participates—and some will win big cash for the best money making ideas!