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How the Albuquerque Journal creates new revenue streams

With Joe Leong, Vice president and chief revenue officer, Albuquerque Journal  

With Sharon Friedes, Advertising director, Albuquerque Journal

With Jorge Lopez, HomeStyle Business Development Manager, Albuquerque Publishing Company Albuquerque Journal/The Sunday Journal


Last year was a busy one for the Albuquerque Journal. It launched a real estate tabloid, HomeStyle, that averages $30,000 in revenue each month and is projected to exceed $451,000 this year. The paper stanched double-digit percentage declines in classified revenue it has experienced for the past decade by turning its print classified into interactive ads that connect buyer and seller with a mobile-optimized website. And it outsourced some of its classified sales, freeing up its reps to focus on local sales—and resulting in an average bump in revenue of $70 per call. Learn, too, how the Journal has moved into events, with sponsorship opportunities in one event expected to exceed $50,000 this year.

With Joe Leong, vice president and chief revenue officer; Sharon Friedes, advertising director; and Jorge Lopez, senior sales manager, Albuquerque Journal

About the speakers

Joe Leong is vice president and chief revenue officer of the Albuquerque Journal. He has been in the newspaper industry for 29 years. He joined The Honolulu Advertiser in 1999 as circulation marketing director, and moved to the Honolulu Star-Bulletin in 2006 as circulation director. He led the circulation team that merged the city's two dailies in 2010. Spending more than 20 years with Gannett, Leong has also worked for newspapers in Texas, Pennsylvania, Louisiana and Hawaii.