February 24-25, 2018

Values—of family, property and policy—form the agenda for Family Owners Conference


Participants have long described the Family Owners and Next Generation Leadership conference as valuable. At next month’s meeting in San Diego, family owners will focus on values as well.

The working sessions will kick off Saturday, Feb. 25 in the Manchester Grand Hyatt with a brief discussion of the four or five topics that will be tackled during the separate meetings for the “incumbent” generation of current owners and the “successor” next generation.

After the separate two-hour meetings among themselves, the generations will regroup after lunch to talk together about the general outcome of their talks.

In between those meetings that inevitably touch on family values, there will be a general session on value—specifically the value of family newspapers. The session—entitled “Is there any value left in (my) newspaper—will bring together newspaper mergers and acquisitions professionals who will share their observations of the market for newspaper property, the valuations papers are fetching nowadays, the sorts of buyers and sellers who are coming into the market, and the financing options available.

In a separate session, Cameron Nutting Williams, director of strategic initiatives for The Nutting Company, will talk about how they are leveraging newspaper assets to drive diversification in their markets—specifically the opening of real estate brokerages. In addition to working on growth initiatives for The Nutting Company, Cameron serves as a Regional Publisher for Ogden Newspapers.

Policy values will arise during a discussion of the recent repeal of the FCC’s cross-ownership rule—a change the newspaper industry has long sought and that opens opportunities in more markets. Broadcast brokers and experts will guide a discussion of the ramifications of appeal for newspapers and other legacy media.

Ownership forms will also arise during the meeting when Bob Woodward, director and vice president/strategic planning and business development, talks about Woodward Communications’ experience with its Employee Stock Ownership Plan. Through the ESOP, some 500 employees form the majority ownership of the Dubuque, Iowa-based company.

A new generation of family owners tell why Inland conferences are important to them.

Cameron Nutting Williams, Director of Strategic Initiatives for The Nutting Company, including Ogden Newspapers:
"I was introduced to Inland through the Family Owners Conference. I went to my first conference right after college. I love talking with other family owners. There's a real sense of camaraderie, and there are topics we get into that I never discuss with anyone else. Inland provides a safe place for that."

Virginia Cowenhoven, Associate Publisher of The Bakersfield Californian and a fifth-generation family member:
"Our family works very closely on estate planning and succession planning. In fact, at Inland conferences there are great business consultants."

Bill Hudnutt, newly named Publisher of The Chronicle-Telegram, Elyria, Ohio:
"I CONSTANTLY draw from that experience. Whether it's...even just knowing that there's a diverse support system out there to reach to if I need it, it's played a huge part in giving me the confidence to do the job."

Join these next generation owners at this winter's Family Owners & Next Generation Leadership Conference, February 24 and 25 at the Manchester Grand Hyatt in San Diego, California. That's just before the Key Executives Mega-Conference.

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